Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th Party 2015

The sky finally cleared to allow us to enjoy a wonderful party on the lawn of Karin and Richard Sokolove. Thank you, Sokoloves , it was the perfect setting!
 The Pizza Truck arrived and provided a selection of wood fired pizza and salads. 
Thanks to all those who helped to make this an enjoyable party! Thank you Larry Meyers for organizing, and  his assistant Kathy Miller .  A big thanks to all those who helped set up and sell tickets, Barbara Michaleski, Anne Hopwood, Bonnie Medler, Arlene Hrinkevich, and  Eileen Meyers.  Thanks to Chris Keilty for tending bar, and to all those who pitched in at the end to clean up, fold tablecloths and pack up! A special thanks to Benny's Landscaping for bringing the additional chairs back and forth. (1 516 381 1875 )  The spirit of the community lives on!

  Of course we missed our dear friend, Paul Beatty, but he was with us in spirit.  

You can click on the pictures to enlarge.

Don't forget the 100th Anniv. of the NSBC on July 25th at 230 Elm.  Get your check to me by the 17th.  Please make it out to NSBC Assn.  Hope you are coming!

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