Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Beach Party

July 6, 2014
Mother Nature rewarded us with a perfect day, and enough beach for everyone to enjoy the party.

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 Jane Meyer's first NSBC Beach Party.  Welcome!

Thank you to Cindy and Guido for organizing the party, and all your work.
 Many volunteers helped to make the day enjoyable!

  Audrey Beatty, Eddie Garland, the Isnardi Family , Chris Michaleski, Kent, all helped with shopping , cooking, carrying and decorating.
 Soft drinks donated by the Miller Family.  Thanks to all those who contributed delicious dishes to share, there was plenty for all.
 Also, thanks to those who lent their equipment, tent, tables, etc.


 Save the Date...
July 25, 2015 for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the NSBC.

 If anyone has pics from the 75th Anniv. Party that we had at the Polish Hall , please send them to me.  I would love to post them.  I chaired the event, but I don't have any pictures. 

Can you name this dynamic duo?

Thanks to Bob Bohner for lending me some pics from the 75th Anniv. Party at the Polish Hall.

Katharine and Tony Meyers