Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NSBC Reunion , July 2012

Janice Meyers sent out an email reminding NSBCers present and past about a reunion being planned by Ernie Telford.

Ernie Telford, and his committee (me), are in the planning for a NSBC reunion to be held the weekend of July 27th.

The weekend will entail a Friday evening beach party in front of my home (formerly, Grandma Meyers home).  All are welcome to come down to the beach at NSBC during the day (and there will not be any parking, or bathroom, charge.........

 On Saturday, there will be a dinner (with DJ), at the Seasons of Southampton (formerly John Ducks).  And Sunday, Pat and Ernie are planning a brunch (with help from the committee....) at their home which is about 3 miles from the colony on Noyak Road.

The cost will be for the dinner on Saturday night which will be approximately $50 a person.
These plans are just getting off the ground, but so far there has been a lot of enthusiasm.

 If you are on Facebook, there is a North Sea Beach Colony page and you can see who has responded so far.  There are also a lot of old pictures posted which you will enjoy.

I don't have e-mails for so many people, so if you would take it upon yourselves to tell your families what is happening, that would be great.

Also, if you have contact with anyone not on this e-mail, please pass it on.  We are trying to get an approximate number.

The Seasons is reserved for Saturday for 50 people (at least).  I think we will have much more than that.
Also, you can respond to me regarding where to stay if you need it. 

So, again, this is for EVERYBODY who has at one time been a part of North Sea Beach Colony.  So please spread the word, and make this a happening!!

Thank you!
Janice Meyers (The Committee)
Ernie Telford (The Chairman, erntel@aol.com