Saturday, June 13, 2009

July 4th Beach Party

The annual beach party will be held on the 4th, with a rain date on the 5th.
1 PM BRING MONEY FOR the 50/50 raffle....6 for $5.00 or $1.00 each..

Maureen Brennan is chairing the event, and welcomes help.
Sign up at the bulletin board to say you are coming, as well as what you will bring..(salads, etc)

Hope we have great weather for the party..better than what we have been having!!

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Please contact Maureen to volunteer your help for the party...


You can download rental applications, etc there..
New this year is an email for Code Enforcement..

A. Where a dwelling unit is to be used as a rental property, an application for a rental permit shall be filed with the Chief Building Inspector before the term of the rental is to commence.
B. The application shall contain the following:

(1) The name, date of birth, telephone number and address of the owner(s).

(a) Proof of the legal residence of each owner;
(b) In the event that the owner of the rental property is a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or other business entity, the name, proof of legal residence, and telephone number of each owner, officer, principal shareholder, partner and/or member of such business entity shall be provided;
(c) A copy of the last deed of record for the rental property, as recorded with the Suffolk County Clerk, confirming the ownership of record of the rental property.
(2) The name, address and telephone number of the managing agent, if applicable.
(3) A writing, promulgated by the Office of the Town Attorney, executed by the owner(s) of the rental property, which designates either:

(a) A person, firm or corporation with an actual place of business, dwelling place, or usual place of abode located within the boundaries of the Town of Southampton; or
(b) The Town Clerk of the Town of Southampton as agent for service for criminal and civil process pursuant to CPLR Section 318. Every owner shall insure that the address for delivery of such process is current and shall advise the Town Clerk whenever the address is changed. The designated agent, upon receipt of service of process under this designation shall forthwith transmit by regular and certified mail to the owner(s) of the rental property at the address included on the owner(s) application.
(4) The location of the rental property, including the street address and the Suffolk County Tax Map parcel number.
(5) The number of tenants intended to occupy the rental property.
(6) The names of all tenants.
(7) A copy of a contract with a carter providing for weekly pickup, at a minimum, of refuse and proof by letter from the carter indicating that full payment for the entire term of the rental has been made, or in the alternative, an affidavit from the owner acknowledging responsibility for refuse removal in a timely and efficient manner.
(8) The period of the proposed occupancy.
(9) A floor plan depicting the location and size of each conventional bedroom.
(10) A copy of the certificate of occupancy or pre-existing certificate of occupancy for the rental property.
(11) Written certification from a licensed architect or licensed engineer that states that the rental property fully complies with all of the provisions of the Code of the Town of Southampton. The certification shall include, but not be limited to, the number of each bedroom, the square footage of each bedroom, and a description of every improvement indicated on the survey. In lieu of the provision of a certification, an inspection may be conducted by the Chief Building Inspector.
C. The owner(s) of the premises and the managing agent, if applicable, shall submit an application that is signed, sworn to and notarized.

§ 270-6

The link will bring you to the entire town code.


Submit a Complaint to Town Investigator

David Betts, PCI, CPP Town Investigator
Phone: (631)728-1088
Fax: (631)728-3688

Code Enforcement in the town of Southampton involves many sections of the town code. The code is viewable online, which for your convenience is viewable online at the town web site.

We investigate violations such as:

Property maintenance issues
Litter and debris
Overcrowded houses
Parking complaints
Noise complaints
Rental law permit violations
Peddler permit investigations
Taxi permit investigations
Building without a permit
Code enforcement officials are sensitive to needs of the residents and investigate all complaints in an expeditious manner. If you report a complaint that we do not investigate we will direct you to the proper department to resolve the situation. In an effort to become more efficient in our work early in 2008 we added an online link to permit emailing of complaints directly to code enforcement. This has met with tremendous success and we have addresses many issues for the residents in this manner.

The department works seven days a week primarily during the normal business hours. During the summer time, extended hours are scheduled to provide for investigation of weekend code violations that are reported.


You will need Adobe Acrobe Reader to view these documents Click Here to Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Rental Permit Application and Instructions

Complaint Form

Public Safety FOIL Request Form

Code enforcement email..