Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scenes from the Fire Truck Pizza Labor Day Party

On Saturday, Sept. 1, the NSBCA  held the annual Labor Day Party.
Instead of the traditional Cocktail Party, we were treated to many kinds of pizza made in a wood burning oven from a refitted fire truck.

 The crew tossed the dough and prepared the pizzas on the spot.
Besides the Pizzas, there was a tossed salad and a pasta salad.

Since it was Labor Day , we went Patriotic with the decor.

It was a beautiful evening, and the turnout was more than 130 adults, and nearly 50  children!
The youngest guest was Eamon Miller at 2 months, and there was a tie for the oldest.  :)

Enjoy the pictures!(Click on the pic to enlarge)

Many thanks to Eileen and Larry Meyers, our gracious hosts.

The 50 /50 was won by Brita, 450 dollars to her, and 450 back to the colony to defray the cost of the party.

Thanks also, to Tim Burke @ 230 ELM.com ,  who accommodated the many additions to the chair and table order.  Tim is available for your catering needs, either at 230 Elm, the Lobster Grille, or your backyard. 

Thank you to all those who helped set up and clean up!


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