Thursday, February 16, 2012

Msgr. Dan Hurley~ Obituary

Father Dan, who for many years said Mass in the Colony with Fr. John has passed away.
We will miss this wonderful man, his friendship  and his hearty laugh.
May he rest in peace.  Our sympathy to his family and his friends, and especially , Fr. John.

From his parish website...

Our beloved Fr. Dan passed away this morning surrounded by his family; please keep them in your prayers.  Arrangements are as follows:
2/16 wake: Massapequa Funeral Home South Chapel 2-5 & 7-9
2/17 viewing at St. Rose of Lima Church: beginning at 4pm
2/17 Mass of Transferral: St. Rose of Lima Church - 8pm
2/18 Funeral Mass: St. Rose of Lima Church - 10am


  1. At the memorial Mass on Friday night before his funeral, I was one of dozens that cried at the loss of our friend. This was a very spiritual man that comforted me and my family while my wife was dying of cancer. He was a good friend that would have dinner with me after my wife had past.

    He gracefully answered every question I threw at him. I once asked how he could have the insight he did on marriages, relationships and children. He told me he did "reflections" every night for an hour, writing in his journal. I asked him if this "reflections" was a prayer.

    No, he told me that his reflections were where and how Christ was present in that day. The cumulation of these reflections was what gave him the insight into relationships.

    I once asked him if it was all worth it, being a priest.

    He told me that he had recently received a book with a note. It was from a person he only knew after reading the note - she had been in his youth ministries 20+ years ago. It was a lovely note explaining what he meant to her. When he opened the book, he realized that she, the author, included Father Dan in its dedication. He was so moved that years later, someone was that moved.

    Fr Dan loved being a priest. He was well suited for his roll as an educator, a spiritual leader, and especially in my case - a friend.

    Fr Dan gave me some great insight on life. I take time most every night to do my own reflections now. I am a better person for having Fr Dan in my life. I will miss him.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on Dan. He was a wonderful man, and will be dearly missed.